Christmas Reverie, Little Ones & the Tree


Christmas daydreaming of special times with kids: cold, crisp walks in the park, carousel rides and Christmas lights. Unfortunately, real life tends to get in the way; with work deadlines looming, shopping and present wrapping PLUS three nativities and a musical recital all in the one week.

We did make time at the weekend, like most of the UK, to put up and decorate the tree. With Arthur Christmas playing (for a little bit of distraction so I could move the baubles when they weren’t looking), I managed  patiently – something of a minor miracle – to watch them drop baubles, tangle Christmas garlands and climb on the sofa to reach high-up places. And, it was wonderful… These are the things that make memories…santa express

It is the things that we do with our children that hopefully they will remember when they grow up. Next week I’ll be writing a piece on Frugal Weekend Breaks for Five, on how to get away with kids on a budget. Anyone with more than two kids, will agree how difficult it can be.

A weekend break to Lapland would be wonderful, but who has the budget for that these days. Instead, we’re taking a budget break in Aviemore, including a trip on the Santa Express steam train.  I’m sure the kids will love it just as much!


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