Micro Scooter Review & Give Away: Maxi Micro or Trixx?

When faced with the decision to purchase my six-year-old boy a scooter, I knew that Micro Scooter would be my scooter manufacturer of choice. But would it be the Maxi Micro or Micro Trixx? Having previously bought the three-wheeled Mini Micro, a mum’s dream purchase (no more tantrums on the pavement with a three-year-old refusing to walk); it has been, without a doubt, the best play-per-pound gift I’ve ever bought, and now outgrown and has been passed down to a very enthusiastic younger brother.

Three-year-old Micro Scooter: well used and still hanging on in there...

Three-year-old Micro Scooter: well used and still hanging on in there…

Yes, it’s a little battered and bruised these days but is still in brilliant working order and takes the youngest of the brood, Choo Choo, to nursery most days (when weather permits). On the scoot down the hill, there is a little army of young kids flying by on their Mini Micros, and I don’t think this can just be trend based. There’s a good reason that us mum’s put our hands in our pockets to pay the extra that the Micro Scooter costs: as soon as you take the scooter out of the box, you can feel how sturdy and well-made it is plus the tilt and lean way of scooting is easy for young children to grasp. I speak from personal experience, as in the past I bought my oldest boy (when he was a toddler) a ‘character’ scooter. He soon learned to scoot quickly, and it began to seriously rattle and seemed quite unsafe, so I quickly returned it.

Micro scooters at the ready, steady, go ...

Micro scooters at the ready, steady, go …

The dilema can be when the little ones outgrow the Mini Micro and whether the move up should be to the similar, larger-sized Maxi-Micro or to a two-wheeled stunt scooter, the Micro Trixx. I struggled with this decision myself, so below I will consider the individual benefits of each scooter. Micro kindly sent me a Maxi Micro and a Micro Trixx for the purpose of this review. The Maxi Micro retails at around £99.95 and Micro Trixx at £119.95, and are available from the Micro website and in-store at John Lewis.

Maxi Micro

I know it’s wrong to have a favourite, but I have to say, personally, this is mine. Too-cool-for-school and in shiny black with chrome rear brake (though it comes in a large range of colours from pink to Union Jack design), my six-year-old, Spider, got to grips with this in minutes. It was a straightforward step-up from the Mini Micro and is very, very sturdy, much more so than any folding scooter, and even for me, the most impractical person ever, I could assemble it in minutes. All that is required is to insert the handle bars into the footplate, with one click of the red button and then adjust to suitable height. No need for tools – hooray! The model I received, came with a joystick, and as Spider becomes more proficient, with one click I’ll be able to change it over. The joystick apparently offers a more surf-like experience.

Maxi Micro scooter with Micro bell, Frog strobe light and Micro helmet

Maxi Micro scooter with Micro bell, Frog strobe light and Micro helmet

What I’d say is that the Maxi Micro is best for kids who are going to use their scooter to get to school or for playing in the park. My kids quickly caught on to the tilt and lean steering, and were flying past me in no time. And for mums and dads, who perhaps are using public transport, it can easily be un-clicked and the two parts could fit in a large shopper or Tote. Me, personally I’ve never found the need to separate the scooter as it easily fits in the boot of the car, but if needs must, it is easy to do so. The Maxi Micro is suitable for children aged 6–12 years.

Micro Trixx

This is Tennant’s, my nine-year-old son’s, favourite, and for more adventurous children who are interested in doing bunny hops and basic tricks, this will be the scooter for them. The Trixx is a light-weight, two-wheeled stunt scooter with a 360° rotating footplate; we were sent a sleek silver-coloured design with white handle bars. As soon as we hit the park my son was doing bunny hops and scooting at quite a speed. My younger son, Spider, admittedly did look on with a little bit of envy …

First-ever bunny hop

First-ever bunny hop

To be honest, we’ve only been using the scooters a couple of weeks, so he hasn’t progressed to other tricks or using any small ramps yet, although he’s very eager to getting going. But I’m the typical mum, erring on the side of caution. On the most part for us, this scooter has been used in the same way as the Maxi Micro, for the school-run, walks in the park or just a trip to the local shop. I know that Tennant, however, is looking forward to using it to its full potential. And loves the street cred of having a cool, stunt scooter!

Micro Trixx

Micro Trixx

The only slight downside of the scooter for me was assembly. The instructions were basic and as I mentioned I’m quite an impractical person. My husband had to be assigned to this job for his allen-key-tightening skills. Once you know how, it is fairly easly … The Micro Trixx Scooter is suitable for children aged 5–12 years.

Scoot The Day Away

In a country where many kids have sedentary lifestyles and with increasing numbers of childhood obesity, scooting is an easy and enjoyable way to incorporate exercise in our children’s daily routine and can make the journey to school or the shops easier for us parents, too. I have endorsed Micro Scooters because I personally can recommend them, but exercise on any type of scooter, of course, is health-beneficial. Micro Scooter have kindly offered to do a Maxi Micro or Trixx give away.

This competition is now closed.

Maxi Micro or Trixx Give Away

How to enter

All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment box on this post with your scooter of choice, either the Maxi Micro or Micro Trixx and enter the competition by clicking here on a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

Please read the terms and conditions.

The giveaway starts on 10 January 2014 and closes Midnight (GMT) 24 January 2014.

The winner will be chosen at random by the random winner generator on Rafflecopter and notified within 24 hours. Failure to claim the prize within 7 days of being notified will result in a new winner being chosen.

The winner must have fulfilled the mandatory requirements which is:

Post a comment on this blog post, telling me the scooter you hope to win: either the Maxi Micro or Micro Trixx in your chosen colour.
Ciick on the Rafflecopter widget to say you’ve done so.

The competition is open to UK and Ireland entrants only.

The give away prize is the Maxi Micro or Micro Trixx.

The prize is non-refundable, non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered.

The promoter of the give away is Micro Scooters and will be despatched by them.


Disclosure: Micro Scooters supplied these scooters to review. All words and opinions are my own.



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